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Special Needs Planning

Speaking as the President of the Russ Financial Group, we have a tremendous empathy for families with special needs due to our personal experience with special needs children and adults in our immediate and extended families.  It takes a special "team" to deal with special needs.  It's paramount to integrate all aspects of your financial planning to optimize your wishes for that special individual person in your life.  But it's also paramount to simultaneously secure your personal financial security along with that of your spouse and other members of the family.  Wills and Trusts, portfolio management and life insurance should have an integrated strategy to optimize outcomes for everybody.  Any one professional provider alone cannot deliver an optimum solution.  That's why those families with special needs turn to our team of advisors to develop an integrated financial and estate plan for today and the distant future.  Please see the attached brochure with an overview of some of the strategies our team delivers around this difficult challenge.

Most sincerely,

Charlie Russ
Russ Financial Group