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Long Term Care Insurance

Most people recognize the devastating personal and financial risks of a long term healthcare event in their lifetimes, yet few have addressed a financial solution  The problem is that most plans have raised their premiums to the point where the plans have become unaffordable, or they offer a very limited fixed benefit.  How can your protect yourself and your legacy?  At the Russ Financial Group, we offer several Long Term Care solutions.  Some provide lifetime benefits for both members of a couple with an income tax free return of premium that exceeds the premium in many cases.  Thus, our clients fix their lifetime costs at a fraction of what they'd otherwise have to set aside to plan for such risks.

Long term care insurance is not provided by Medicare.  A virtually universal definition for the need for care exists.  If one has any cognitive impermanent, or a need for assistance with 2/6 of the activities of daily living, also called ADLs, one would qualify for a claim. 

Those include:


  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Toileting (being able to get on and off the toilet and perform personal hygiene functions)
  • Transferring (being able to get in and out of bed or a chair without assistance)
  • Maintaining continence (being able to control bladder and bowel functions)

One example is an 80 year old woman who broke her arm.  She could not dress or go the bathroom without assistance, yet was in otherwise excellent physical health.  Her daughter had to come over several times per day to help out.  Had that injury been a permanent paralysis, she would have qualified for long term care coverage, even with such a simple injury.  So please take the time to learn more how we may support your comprehensive personal and financial objectives.

  • You are either insured or self insured.  Our clients have shared that they estimated they'd have to set aside many times the cost of our new insurance offerings than the net costs of the coverage.  And those costs are fixed for one's lifetime and for their partner.

Call 312-767-0256 today to learn more about how we might prepare a financial analysis to demonstrate that you can afford this new coverage; but you most likely cannot afford a claim.